Simple product VS Variable product

Hello, lets say i want to sell t-shirts; i only have few models but with many different colors. Is it overall (For SEO, client, clean website) better to use single simple product or one variable product with different variation (But only with addon to display the color variation under the product in the shop page)

Simple product : A different product page for every colors, all have the same description and lets say the BLACK color is the main. Do i have to put the main color URL (black here) in the CANONICAL URL (Yoast SEO plugin) of every others products (blue, red, etc) ? Like that, google will know the main is the black and the rest are sub?

Variable product : Here is interesting because it’s really clean for user experience. They can found every different colors in the same product page. but for SEO i will have less products in my store. Also i HAVE by obligation to get a plugin to DISPLAY colors in the product page but MORE important under the products in the shop page so like that, the customers can see by image and not only text that the product has different colors available. I found CleverSwatches Plugin for now.

It wont be a stability problem with the update of theme (Flatsome), woocommerce, etc ?
ps : I want the colors display like the Apple website for their case as example :

What do you think is the best option by far and why ?

Thank you very much