Simple plugin to hide and order outofstock products

Hello to all. I need some help. I hope someone can help me, please.

Im looking for a woocommerce plugin that can do 2 things:

1 - Don´t show outofstock products on my landing page (home). I know i can hide outofstock products from my shop with woocommerce native options, but its not that what i want.

2 - Change the menu order of the outofstock products to show last: When the product is outofstock it gets the highest number of menu order and when goes back In Stock, assume its original menu order.

Currently im using “yth show products” to build my home page with the categories i want, but this plugin dont give me the option to hide outofstock products. This plugin has a great option to grid mansory my products. Since the height of my products is not fixed, it come in hand.
I assume that with another plugin i´ll loose this option, but sadly i need this.

thanks in advance.
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