Simple one page html template rejected twice.

Tried to submit a simple 1 page html template. In the first submission i did not have the documentation, i added a lot of help in the 2nd submission and updated the template to be generic without any brand names.

Still it was rejected. The frustrating part is they do not tell WHY it was rejected. They do not specify what is wrong… how can we assume what went wrong with wild guesses? Frankly this is not encouraging.

May i know why this is being rejected?

To see how i can redo after first rejection, i actually bought a template int he similar category… they did had documentation files but other than index file, no other links were working and there was no documentation at all. If the review process is so strict, how could they allow that template?

Can i resubmit with the same “brand name” of my theme?

Themeforest must change their approval process and tell Authors why they rejected it, so this will help authors save tons of time.

I think it is to simple/basic. That is something which can be done in 30min (or less). On the web you can find a lot of free html which have more functionality then your item or more demos.

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Yes I wanted it to be simple purposefully. Domain for sale is one-page concept where users come to just buy that domain name only.

I also do not want to argue but one of the motivation for me to create this is looking at what’s been approved/listed on ThemeForest in this category and few of them are also very simple and one pagers

There is same problem for me.
I create some similar sites and reject haha