Simple Item Approved!

Hello, Maybe title is misleading…

But what Item s are very easy to Approve?

Good items, of course

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I know! You have been rejected! for this Answer. try different answer … :smile:

where is the item ? :slight_smile: what are you talking about ? :slight_smile:

lol ( ? )

I think icons…
Music and video…

Music file may get approved but not easily videos.
Video need good work and all require very good quality.

Because there is too many items available already, you may get rejection. I have seen vector arts some are really simple but the creator worked nicely.

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I think you wanted to say Simple Item Approval :smile:

I want to say > Logos are hard to get approve. then what other Items are easy Mock-ups, Photoshop Actions etc.

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Oh! wow You’re an Elite Author! Congo bro! …

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No. I wrote what I wanted to write

I was referring to the post title! :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ou. Did not notice :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries! These things happen :smile:

Yeah, Hello, Maybe title is misleading… I wrote this in the description… :smile:

I thought banner are easy to design and approved quickly than logos.

But I was wrong. My bundle of banner designs (instagram) and few web element (404 error page) designs were rejected.