Simple, clean e-commerce template like Gyft/Paypal-Gifts

Hi all.

I’m looking for a template (already on ThemeForest), or a developer who can create a template, that’s simple and clean for an upcoming project. The template I’m looking for will be similar to some other sites out there, and the following sites can be used as inspiration:

As can be seen on these 2 sites, there’s 3 common elements: Clean, easy to navigate, and responsive. I’m hoping someone can point me to an already published template that I could edit to fit my purpose, or otherwise if there’s some developers out there who can take on a task like this. I’d only need the HTML/CSS done, as I’d be implementing it into my own e-commerce platform.

Just a heads up: I’ll only consider developers who have published works on ThemeForest. Currently I’m looking to get an idea of cost and what would be involved if someone had to take on a project like this.


I can take this project. I can make exactly same template as you want. You can contact me for more details. You can contact me via my profile page or Skype. My Skype id is jakaria.khan015