Simple Bill Pay Solution Woo commerce/Paypal




I am trying to help a family member who would like to accept payments for the services that they offer their clients via their website. This seemed easy enough when I took on this task but after scouring the net I have been unable to find exactly what I need.

What I am looking for specifically is a plugin that would allow customers to go to a “Make a Payment” page and there they can simply enter their billing info (like a standard payment Woo commerce payment) and then enter the amount they want to pay. Essentially just removing the need for product pages. The reason why the customers having the ability to select their own price is because their is never a set price for the types of services offered. The idea behind this page is that instead of sending invoices with a link to PayPal attached to every contract that we send, we can just invoice the members and then they can make the payment on our site.

Does anyone know of an existing plugin that could make this happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated.