Simple and clean template, why are all templates bloated?



Hello everyone,

For days I have been looking around at ThemeForest for a nice HTML template, I have seen some nice things but most are very bloated.

Below is a list of examples, I find them very professional looking and probably costed a fortune. (amazing, one of the best websites I’ve ever seen, simple yet cool) (very clean and simple)
can not put more links…disallowed for new users LOL.

Most common issues I see with templates nowadays:

  • Very bloated index pages, with too much text and nonsense. (I know you want to demo your template, but keep it clean)
  • Mismatching colors. Sometime I see a very bad combination of colors.
  • Too much dark templates.

Does anyone know a template in this category I listed above? Like the examples?

Thank you for your time.

This is not criticism, I just want to discuss this with you. And of course a suggestion would be nice.

  • I hate onepage templates.


Checkout Lingua
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Check out the other demo looks more with what you want.


The issue you find is that this is a stock marketplace and not a custom build.

A big % of buyers who are less experienced will be impressed by many options and features.

The templates are not designed to be a finished solution but more to be versatile and flexible so it can be adapted to meet the end product needs.

It’s been discussed thousands of time and proven that the multi purpose and bigger templates are what broadens appeal to more buyers and what sells irrelevant of weather this is the right approach and product.

As it happens there are quite a few simpler and more concise designs but they do tend to be creative portfolios etc rather than hosting or tech ones.

Take a look at pillar or partner - both are brilliantly complied by @medium_rare1, have one of the best html builders around (so a little extra code of course) but are much cleaner and less crowded than many others.


Thanks will take a look.


Thank you for your reply. I agree with you. Do you know good designers that are able to build a site like I suggested?

HTML template suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:


Definitely check out Pillar and partner - Craig’s files his page builder is an added bonus and his design skills are up there and he is quite good at keeping relevant functionality. We’ve bought thousands of files and they remain some of the best.

There’s probably a few others but I’d need to have a think


Thanks for the suggestion, but I personally hate one page templates. The template must fit for a site like cloudflare. Similar purpose.


I’m checking his templates now.


Cloudfare you could do with most of the mutli-purpose designs and bit of custom styling.

NS1 - that’s got some serious design work involved. I doubt you would ever find something like that on a stock marketplace is not bad and ThemeFoundry are quite a famous author don’t know the author likewise don’t know the author