Similar updated theme to what I have now, can you help me?

I am looking for a new Wordpress theme for my website, the current theme I use is very outdated by a few years, there is an updated version of it, but its bloated and I don’t like the updated version.
Im not looking for one of these themes that have extreme bloat installed with it, heres a few factors im looking for.

  • it must be lightweight, and as fast as possible to load
  • it must be mobile/tablet friendly
  • it must work with buddypress/bbpress
  • The hompage needs what we have now, Slider, features where I can put images, not just icons from fontawesome.
  • Im planning on removing blog posts as the main feature on the homepage and using a custom developed statistics widget/plugin(not developed yet) as the main landing page, I may completely move all the sidebar data to a central portal homepage for easier readability.

you can check themeforest wordpress category multi-purpose theme

You could find any Buddypress, BBpress theme :smiley:
I have a bbPress compatible theme.
BTW, I love playing Minecraft :smiley:

Most of the “multi-purpose theme” themes are all really bloated with trying to be a theme for everything, im after a lightweight theme.

I have looked at some Buddypress and BBPress themes, I was hoping someone might have seen something similar before and would be able to recommend something :slight_smile: