Similar tracks in two accounts?

Hi there…

I just want to share this:

I want to know if i can do that? maybe i can get more sales of one of my tracks by only changing
the instrumentation in Logic…

No, you can’t. The newest track will be deleted, account is likely to be baned.


Yeah, but you should report this to Envato opening a ticket, unless a moderator reads this topic.

Report immediately.

How are they the same track? Sure they are similar, but I definitely hear two different tracks. There are tons of Corporate tracks that sound much closer to one another than these two.


Melodies don’t look like

Yeah, I don’t think these tracks are similar enough to be considered “the same track”, however I would guess they’re definitely the same author based on the mixes/sounds/track names in the two portfolios. Which sucks for the rest of us because it’s cheating the 5 track upload limit, but isn’t against the rules.

This is two different tracks !

And this is reply after 10 months :smiley:


Hoh , just see )))))