Similar tracks, different reactions

Hey guys!

I really can’t understand it. What is so different between these two tracks? The first one was approved and has some sales. The second one has been just rejected.

Can someone give me a feedback?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi, the first one is better mixed. The second one sounds like a live recording.


I used the first one as a template for Brazilian Beach. Same drums, bass, keys, reverbs, mastering…

The bigger difference is the guitar. I recorded another one, more “bossa nova style”. Do you think that this is the problem?

The problem is not the guitar, it’s the mix. It sounds like a demo, the first track sounds ok.

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Personally I respectfully disagree with @audioland, I’m not hearing a substantial enough issue with the mix of the second one to get it rejected. However as an avid guitarist I’m absolutely hearing something off about the guitar sample, it sounds a lot like when I say “screw it” and don’t tune my guitar before practicing because I don’t want to take the time so it’s not out of tune enough for untrained ears to specifically notice but it’s out of tune enough for the music to sound a little off. I also wonder if that could be what the “live music” effect is coming from as tuning on guitars on stage tends to be a bit less precise than in the studio but that’s total speculation and I may just not be hearing what Audioland is hearing. I would suggest a different guitar sample personally.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your time!

I’ve recorded this guitar in my room. Maybe it’s the reason of the “live music” effect. Maybe could be better to find some guitar sample…

Anyway, I’ll pay more attention next time. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Ah, didn’t realize you recorded it yourself. I misread that part of your post the first time. In that case may I ask, what kind of tuner do you use, what kind of strings did you have on it (brand, gauge, style) and when was the last time you changed them? Also what kind of guitar is it? (not because it matters for the recording but because I love talking about guitars lol)

So, for the first track, I used a Yamaha NTX900FM plugged into my interface. I like this guitar but is too bright for bossa nova.

For the second one, I used a DiGiorgio that is a classic Brazilian acoustic guitar. In this case, I recorded with an SM57. About strings, I believe I changed six months ago (Hannabach, Medium Tension) and I always use the turner of Logic Pro X.

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Dirty strings could be the issue, six months is a pretty long time to go even with nylon strings. I would highly recommend getting a clip on tuner as well, Logic Pro X has a phenomenal tuner but the issue with any microphone based tuner is that you’re reliant on the quality of the sound coming in which can be influenced by different types of microphones, your interface, and room noise. Clip on tuners use the vibration of the string traveling up the neck of the guitar to detect the exact frequency without any outside factors, it’s not a crazy difference it makes (10-20 Hz tops) but it’s pretty incredible how big of a difference it can make between being in the correct range and being on the exact right frequency. However that’s just been my experience and I will stop geeking out now haha.

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Hahaha! Thank you!

I’m not sure if the tune is the actual reason for rejection, but I’ll observe carefully it on the next recordings sections, of course. :slight_smile:

To me, rather than the guitar, it is the piano lead that’s the issue here. It doesn’t sound natural at all. A play on the velocity and length of the notes would help.

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Personally i am a huge fan of brazilian music, especially bossa nova. The first track seems more tight and careful produced and mixed in my opinion.The second has a better vibe, but the production is a bit shallow.As much as i love the ’ live’ vibe there are some several discrepancies between the tracks. The guitar is fine in my opinion.Tuning is not an issue. The piano is pretty much mechanical. The rhythm track is an issue.The track is unstable.Some elements are dragging.It gives the listener the feel of unstability and create lack of balance between other elements in the track. I know that laidback grooves are specific to brazilian music but this is beyond that vibe. Noone will ever know the specific reason of rejection besides the reviewer. Hope this helps.


To me the rhythm sounds off at the intro (and again later when the guitar solos). The guitar sounds fine and in tune, I agree the piano is also part of the problem here. The samples isn’t good and it sounds distant because of the reverb. I would try a dry electric piano sound or a flute (if you have a good sampled one). Nice track!

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Hi. The second one has more specific mood, that is why customers could ignore it…

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Thank you, guys!

@PurpleFog, interesting point.

@Soundtrickz, it helps a lot! It makes me think about finding the balance between music and the market. Thanks.

@Hyperprod I’ll try to replace the piano part with another instrument. I’m happy you liked the track. :slight_smile:

@BigBouncyBright, what do you mean by specific mood? Thanks!

I don’t think there’s a big difference between the 2. I’d agree with everyone, the 2nd track sounds more like a live recording.

Mainly in track 1 that electric piano is really up front in the mix while in track 2 all the instruments are in the back and panned kind of like they would be in an actual live setup.

I have a feeling that for AJ purposes, a more “tightly produced” sound is preferred (like #1), rather than a live feel (#2).

Musically, I think track #2 is the better and more interesting song. I think it would get some sales if it was approved. But that’s just my opinion and admittedly I don’t have that much experience about what sells and what doesn’t.

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Thank you, @add9audio :slight_smile: I agree with a more tightly produced sound is preferred. I’ll try to do it better.

Hi, I like the “live” feel of the second one… but the piano sound is the issue I think, or at least part of the problem, it does not feel natural, and is also too “far” from the listener.

Beware of too much “realism” also: for example, we like all the fret noises and finger slides for guitars, it sounds “real”… but for stock music, I have the feeling it is better to have a cleaner, tighter, upfront sound.


Thank you very much, @frozenjazz! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.

I’ll keep it in mind next time.