Similar elements in different AE Projects


Hello everyone,

First of all I want to make a statement that I’m not accusing anybody of anything. It is pure observation and I just want to hear some pro authors what they have to say about this. I consider myself a newbie and don’t know if it’s ok or not.

So here’s the deal:
Newly accepted template:
Older one:

Am I the only one that sees the resemblance?
And I am not talking about the style similarity, I’m talking about the prerendered elements.
Or am I just being paranoid? :smiley: So what’s your opinion on this matter?
Once Again I’m not accusing anyone of anything :slight_smile:


very similar :slight_smile:
may be same tutorial or same library


If this smoke footage coming from a website with “Free for commercial use” license, you can use even you.
If you search more… you will find a lot ae projects with same style, presentation, etc
Too many items i think, it is normal right?
But what is the point of this topic? If this move accepted or something else?
Where is the similar? The smoke animation? Same footage maybe… Except this i see 2 ae projects only.


I’m not talking about the similarity of the projects or the presentation. The more awesome projects the better even if they are similar in style or presentation.

And yes I meant the smoke. Can you really include “Free for commercial use” content in your project zip file and sell it with the template? I thought one could only use it for preview purposes in preview video.

I like both projects, they are great. But lets assume (for the sake of argument) the author of the older project actually made the smoke in 3d software for his project. And someone who bought or downloaded project illegally used the same prerendered asset in his project. That would be wrong i guess. Right?


2 Scenarios:

  1. There is an author out from here, made a smoke footage and write: “Free for commercial use”, this means you can use it in to your project not on your preview only. There are authors who write: Credit a link of this footage, or no need to do anything. You can include contents if the original author don’t have any problems. There are guys for example, use texture images as background, whatever and include the images in zip file… Do you think the image contents is different from a video or sound effect files?

  2. The first videohive author made the smoke animation.
    So no one can buy his template and made own version with this smoke. And yes, this is wrong.