Silly me but this should not be able to happen...

Ok, silly me (or keyboard) i typo’d my email address upon sign up. I then bought something (wordpress theme) and of course i can not download it. I thought i had hope to recover from my error when i went to downloads section and it said i need to veriify my email address! Ah, i thought, i just make a genuine gmail account of the typo’d email address, hit “resend verification email” and voila. Err… no… no joy! No email of any kind received!
Obviously this is my error… but you might have thought if email verification is required they’d ask for it before you can purchase… not potentially after!. So ive sent a support ticket… but that say’s up to 7 days for response. Other than that what are my options? Regards, David.

Are you able to change your email address at Just click the “Edit details” link on that page.

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please keep patience you will get envato support reply as quickly they can. they will be very happy to assist you to download your purchased.

Yeah tried that… thought that would solve the problem… however if you try changing the email it will then say password not correct… doh lol!

I do get you but 7 days of waiting to start a project… thats a whole new level, well, for me anyway.

I just gave it a shot on a new test account, and I’m able to change the email without verifying the old one. Double check that you’re entering the correct password. If you made a typo in that as well, then unfortunately you’re a bit stuck until they get back to you.

You can try resending a new verification email in a few hours just in case it was a temporary block. Be sure to check your spam also. I think Gmail hides the spam folder by default, so you need to expand your folders on the left side of their interface.

Yeah thanks for the reply Bailey. By all accounts exactly what you say i thought should work. However, when i try change the email it rejects my password. But when i keep the typo’d email address and add my password it accepts it and as i have not changed anything it just says something like ‘no changes made’…
I have no idea why this works for you and not me… but thinking again i reckon it could be a catch 22 (knowing my luck lol) that i need to verify my current typo’d email 1st. That’s the only thing i can think of. Hmm…

It actually doesn’t verify your password if you don’t change anything, so the lack of an error here doesn’t mean you’re entering the correct password.

Are you able to use a different web browser to try logging in again and see if you do in fact have the correct password? Just make sure not to sign out of Envato on your current web browser.

What is the website address for Envato saved password with chrome. Can’t find it, tho i have it saved somewhere. edit… no probs, found it.

Yeah you were right Bailey… i had a typo on my pass too lol…
The only thing now… is that themeforest still wants me to verify my typo’d email address (even tho i managed to change it). Which i have a gmail account for but for some reason i do not receive the verification email… and for sure it the same email account that themeforest say’s it’s sending it to. Really stumped now!

Edit:wow, at last! Donedid! I had to refresh drop down list to ‘themeforest’… then it showed my updated email. Sent the link and voila! Thanks for all your replies. Have a good day!

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Awesome, so glad you got it working! Enjoy the shiny new theme! :grin: