Signing a contract?

Hi, can you give me advice on maybe signing an exclusive contract with a publisher? Got an offer. I don’t know how this works. Or should I never consider this and go on with the RF. Or is this an inapropriate question. Don’t know?


Of course you can. What is the deal ? Do they pay an advance, upfront payment ? Is it a buyout ? What is the share for royalties, sync ? Is it a well known publisher ? How many tracks ?

Lot of questions you have to ask before sign an exclusive contract. :slight_smile:

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Hi Vermair, glad to see these are the right questions (came to my mind also). For me it’s the most about freedom (and of course a little money :slight_smile: )


yeah do a lot of research about the publisher, ask to see examples of tracks they have placed. I went exclusive for a bunch of tracks and as far as I can tell the publisher was more interested in building a library of exclusive music so they can then sell the company as opposed to actually trying to place any tracks.

Exclusive can be great, as long as it’s the right fit and they are out there working for you!

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Yes Orbittered, it wasn’t the right fit for me. Rejected the offer.