Signed with Distrokid. Can i upload songs from "work for hire " singers and get youtube royalties?

Hi, have finally uploaded a few songs from my children’s theme onto Distrokid.
I did not select the option to include youtube till I know the answers to these please.

  1. I hired a couple of singers and a music track on Fiverr who were great and making a video to go with it to launch.
    Re the youtube stipulation that all sounds must be made by me, though per Fiverr regulations the purchaser is the sole owner/author unless other agreements made.
    Can I go ahead and select youtube or will they reject it please?

  2. I wrote new lyrics to an old nursery rhyme (public domain) and having it recorded again from fiverr. Can I receive royalties on it?

I’m new to all this (and happen to be a single mother trying to get somewhere.)

Experienced help and guidance would be So appreciated.
And if this isn’t the place for questions like these please feel free to share.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Suz.

  1. If as you say, the purchaser is the sole owner of the music created by people on Fiverr, then it is yours to do what ever you want with and you will be able to defend your right to do that with the Fiverr terms and conditions.

  2. You can receive royalties on public domain works, as long as it is your own arrangement. In this case, you can credit yourself as the arranger for the piece and assign 100% performance rights for the track to yourself when you register it with your PRO.

Hi, thank you So much!
Good news, both answers are very helpful!
Much obliged,

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