Signed up for Envato Market only to find I can't download my songs from Audio Jungle???

So, I thought I would sign up for Evanto Market but audio jungle keeps trying to charge me for the download of the music I’d like. Whats doing on? Anyone know?

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Envato Elements provide a subscription base service where envato market is marketplace to sell individual Items. In envato market there is no subscription service. You will get unlimited download features only on Envato Elements.

In Envato you can collect Items in 2 ways:

  1. Envato Market (as like themeforest, audiojungle) where you will find many more Items based on your needs. In this marketplace you have to purchase individual license for each end product. It will work per license for per domain/end product. In this market you will get plenty of Quality Items from different Authors. If you like, you can certainly purchase the Item license from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support.
  2. Envato Elements ( where you will get unlimited downloads features if you subscribe there monthly/yearly. Here’s the current list of All available Items in Elements, just use search functionality at top to find any specific Item.


OK, since the Envato subscription was promoted on Audio jungle I thought I could access songs from there with a Envato subscription.

Because this was not clear to me I would like a refund and would not link to continue with my subscription at this stage please.



Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.