Signed up for 12 months membership and still being charged for a theme


Wondering is someone can help, i signed up for 12 months membership, opted as will buy a couple themes. Payment has been processed however when i go to download the theme is is still asking for payment.

I have emailed customer support about 12 hours ago and as yet have had no response, any one else experienced this issue?


Where do you go to download a theme? Your membership is for Elements, not Themeforest. So if you try to download/buy a theme from Themeforest, then you will be asked for payment. You want to use the Elements library (the one you signed up to) to select and download your themes.

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What are you talking about?! There is no subscription for Themeforest.

just got it wrong i thought he asked for theme support / subscription

my bad :unamused:

Thank you, now i clicked the Unlimited WordPress themes button in pink directly at the top of the page displaying the Vital Theme…as in the image.

So does this mean that the Vital Theme is not included in the package?

I can not seem to see it in Elements at all, if not then this is extremely misleading.

You’ve clicked on the top banner, that Envato think it’s a good idea to push on all items. Regardless of whether those items are part of Elements or not. It’s nothing more than an Ad.

If you can’t find this theme in Elements, then I’m afraid it’s not included in your subscription.

The ad banner may be misleading indeed. But to be fair, once you’ve clicked on that banner, you’re taken to a sign up page, that recaps what is and what is not included, and it specifically says that the marketplaces are not included.

What is the best way to get in touch with them to try and cancel and get a refund in that case?

Have emailed them and no reponse, also tried calling with no luck as well.

I didn’t know there was a phone number you could call. Emailing support via the support center is the best way to contact Envato.
They always respond, but you may need to wait up to 48 hours (though it usually takes less time)

contact with Envato element help

Thanks guys appreciate you support.