Sign Company site needs customizer, calculator and preview

I’m building an ecommerce site for a sign company. They want a product builder/customizer/designer, a pricing calculator and a final preview of the signs when wrapping up the order.

I’ve found a jQuery ‘customizer’ for t-shirts and mugs, but nothing that’s tailored for large signs (I guess it can be altered/adjusted to handle them)

The 2nd most wanted thing is a price calculator based on size and quantity. They adore price calculator – which looks like a simple pre-defined javascript in the source.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had to hand-make a site. Having to relearn a bunch of stuff. Anyone here made a ecom site for a sign shop, or a printing company? It’s basically the same, except the pieces are freakin huge. :slight_smile: I don’t like the idea of having a sign designer thing – customers make horrid stuff with them, and I spend more time fixing what they submit. The calculator is a great idea, and a preflight/preview/size/resolution checker is also nice. I’m searching CC for all of these, but if ya’ll already know of products that can do these things, I’d appreciate direct links so i can get this done and off my back.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes i can definitely help you out with my best possible services and solutions. I have designed and developed many e-commerce sites for a sign shops, printing companies etc.

In case of interest, you can drop me an email so that we can get started.