Sidebar Widget That Allows You To Share Content From Sister Sites

I am looking for a “popular posts”-style sidebar widget that will allow me to share content from my sister site. I want the widget to show a thumbnail from the side as well as the title of the post; something like what Zergnet does would be great. Ideally, I would like to choose about 20 or so posts that could appear in the sidebar, and have the links automatically rotate when the page is refreshed.

If you have a product that is similar to this, I would love to see it!

There are many RSS feed plugins on repository and Codecanyon but you will probably need to create RSS categories on your sister site.

Rotating links is not common in RSS plugins. I found one but it seems that it has been removed from Codecanyon.

I have few ideas how to solve this problem so if you want this custom built, send me a message and we can chat.