Sick of PayPal

Every single time I try to withdraw money they give me “internal error” or something. Than I have to go trough days and sometimes weeks of contacting support,changing passwords and silly security questions,confirming identity, uploading photocopies of ID… Now they want me to call them so they can let me withdraw my own money…And call over the ocean will cost more than stupid 50$ I’m trying to withdraw. Those people are idiots,of that I’m sure.

I suggest you to switch to payoneer…Less pain, belive me.

You could call via Skype or similar software, it will be much cheaper.

They should call me if they need to confirm my identity and after all its their fault. I use moneybookers which are all right, but sometimes paypal is only option. With Envato I’m using moneybookers aka skril.
And after I searched for how to solve this issue I realised that its widespread…there are 1000s of users whose money is being held in this way…ridiculous…

hi, then choose the option to send on your account (swift) this is worth 25 $ but at least this is half teh cost u have at this time and u will have no problem … and no additional waiting …

I didn’t see the option to do that for other than USA countries. I’ll check again, thanks.

Exactly. They can only charge 60$ per year for the card and maintenance (that’s fine, who doesn’t?!), and 2$ for each payment, then you’re free to withdraw.

Guys, if someone wants to switch to Payoneer, write me i’ll give you the link and you will get +25 USD to your account as a bonus