Showing image of a puzzle and let users select the pieces

Hi there,

I am mostly here for providing help as much as I can, but now I just can not find my way for myself. I would really appreciate if someone could point to the right direction, please.

  • I have a WordPress based website

  • I would like to display an image showing a puzzle

  • I would like visitors to be able to select pieces of the puzzle

  • all the puzzle pieces have a price (all have the same price)

  • I would like to count the number of pieces seleted (does not matter which ones are selected)

  • I would like to show the price based on the number of the pieces selected

The most important part would be to show the information to the user, so that the user has an idea about the price and see the selected pieces on the image.
But if I could send an offer in any format (or let the user to request an offer) based on user interaction - it would be much better.

I really appreciate taking the time if you have gone through this post :slight_smile: