Showing daily menu for restaurant and upcoming weeks as well

I really feel blind and cannot find anything for my problem which I think a lot have. Looking at the wrong spot?

I found a time schedular, code based but it discontinued now. I’m looking for an easy way for my customer to add a daily menu to the site. I can do it with the code but I want it more “plug and play”.
See example (in Swedish):

Daily lunch (Dagens lunch) is displayed at the top and switches to the next day at around 2pm. The menu is never the same for every day or week so I want something which I can set both date and time on (since lunch is until 2pm, I want to show next days lunch after 2 pm).
Preferably something which I can just put a bullet list to a date/time span and it shows all items in date-order showing all items (as is shown under they daily lunch so you can get an overview on what is to come). Or just the current item (since this is shown first on the page).

I thought there should be a simple plugin for this, but I cannot find it. Maybe I should look at widgets instead?

I’m using Wordpress with theme Avada.

Thanks for any tips!


You can put menu for each day in posts for one day one post. And you have option in posts to publish on some date and time and you can setup that you show latest post. And make posts for next 7 days.

That is one way to do it:-) Didn’t think of that. I still rather have a solution with items somehow. But… I’ll definitely will give this a thought and look.
Thank you for your time, really appreciate it!

That is the easiest way. You don’t need to complicate. There is no ut of box solution for that. You have plenty menu plugins but you don’t need that.
Only problem what I see on your site is that is very slow.

Thank you for pointing that out to me! My photo’s are probably quite big, so I’ll have to fix that. No use for a quick server when images are big:-)