Showcase 100 videos on one screen

Looking for a template that will allow me to add 100 videos on one “wall”, showcasing our previous work, with some camera movement (zoom in/out) so it could actually be seen since there are 100 of them.
Other suggestions welcome (like wall with 50, then transition to another 50 videos).


Iskreno ne znam kako bi izgledalo 50 videa na jednom mjestu. Totalno nepregledno , morao bi staviti male ikone ako želiš 4 - 5 videa u redu ili scrollati dosta da bi vidio sve to. Možda je bolje staviti kategorije i na vrhu ih filtrirati po tim kategorijama.

You can use a theme/template which uses Slider Revolution:

Slider Revolution can be customized in a lot of ways.

For instance, it can automatically showcase a vimeo feed like below, videos are autoatically loaded and auto-played from a Vimeo feed.:

Hi @Azzriel

You can find the template that you looking for from the link below