Show specific listing type with a page template

Using realsite theme and relia plugin – I have found getting support very difficult – anyhow -

I have apt building pages – at the bottom of the content – I want to display all of the listings for that building –

You offer template pages – such as “properties row” which I am using — but that displays the most recent listings where I want to display only listings for that building – yet I do not see a way to pass a parameter –

I looked at the code of the template and thought maybe I could create new templates but I am a novice php programmer and do not understand what to modify to make that happen.

I then looked at the assortment of plugins - such as vertical filter, horizontal filter, and properties widgets and the documentation of those items are weak to say the list —

So please - How do I use a template or a page bottom of content widget to display only listings from that building –

I know i can create a button with the search url as an href but I would rather not have to do that – I have been trying to get this answer for over 5 months

I would suggest to contact the author for support but due to it’s a custom job, they may not reply.
At this point, only thing that you could do is to hire someone and if you’re interested in, I could provide paid support.

Also, bear in mind, the forum is for general purposes but not for item support.