Should you use a custom thumbnail for each new song or your profile avatar


It looks like many popular authors don’t take advantage of the song thumbnail picture and rather let the profile avatar be in there as a default for all the songs. Is that a best practice to strengthen your profile?

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Carl-Henrik, Addlio

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When you change the main avatar, I personally no difference noticed :smiley: Just for myself :checkered_flag:

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As it’s not really possible to show a visual representation of your item then using your avatar is probably the best next thing… as at least you’re getting brand recognition. Or you could have half a dozen or so different image for different categories. Like holly, snow and lights on your avatar for Christmas tracks, something spooky for Halloween etc etc.

The only other options would be to have the song name in the thumb… which could be a tight squeeze, and is slightly redundant (I used to do that). A graphic equaliser… which doesn’t really tell the buyer much. Or you could have a highly customised image for each track… which could be pretty time consuming without adding much value… like making a cover for a book, in a way.

I’d spend the time to make your profile avatar the best it can be, and go with that… for the brand recognition. Your’s is nice Carl, I like it. I think the text could be scaled up a bit though. I know padding is important in any kind of logo placement, but I think you can get away with it when you’re confined to such a small box.

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Creativity in Our Days it Seems to me Desirable… I would Like to Wish Everyone success in the New Year! I like how the Envato Team is Working on improving the Site, You rock! This Is A Very Difficult Task - Creative! Good quality :balloon:

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Me neither :slight_smile:

I have started some collaborations and thought it would be better to go with a brand name. Hence the questions and reason to change.

I am producing quite a lot of music at the moment and will go full time after new year!

Thanks for the reply!

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Thanks and sorry for the slow response. I aim to improve that. Spending all my spare time producing.

I noticed I have a different avatar on the forum vs the marketplace. I thought those were in sync…

Thanks for the advice!

They do sync, but if you set a custom avatar on the forum it will override it. :+1:

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Ahhh…! Thanks!

ALWAYS be thinking about branding!

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