Should we pay for Kapee theme update or any other themes update?

We are using Kapee theme which a contract freelance developer bought it for us from Envato.
We learned from that the newest Kapee has been released, we wonder whether we can get this newest version under the extended support.

After asking the contract freelance developer, he gave us his account to access the new Kapee version because he used his credit card and his account to buy.

But he told us that there is no free update theme policy, so once we update the Kapee theme, we will be asked to pay update fee to Envato (or to developer?) from his credit card, so he asked us to think twice.

We wonder whether he misunderstood the license policy or is it true that we must pay for update although the extended support still valid?

Could anyone advice us? thank you!
Another thing, if our extended support expired, could we still download the Kapee theme from Envato and install it for free?

We think if we buy another theme, we will have the same update problem that we are having now, so we want to make.


no need to pay for getting update (only for original purchaser account), envato market item update free for lifetime.

As I mentioned above envato market item update free for lifetime (only for original purchaser account). original purchaser can download the latest update from their Downloads page (Assuming purchaser are loggedin in envato market).

Again no need to pay for getting updates but free for only purchaser account and extended support is for getting support from the item author.

Envato market item update free for lifetime.

Envato market item updates free for a lifetime but always should to purchase from the website owner account not from the developer account because website developer can be changed in future.

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As @mgscoder explained you are more than entitled to lifetime updates for free -

If the developer bought the item for a project which you were hiring them to do, but on their account then this is irresponsible and it’s their job to find a way to get you the access you have paid for.

For example as it’s a WP theme it should be possible for the developer to install the envato plugin Envato Market WordPress Plugin using the purchase code and activating updates to the theme from within the WP admin and without them needing to get involved in the process. It’s not as good as the plugin living in your account but it’s definitely better than nothing.

Again this process should really be a bit of an obvious given/best practice.

If the dev has given you access to their account then this will give access to the latest copy (without extra charge), however it is in breach of envato’s policies to transfer, share or provide access to accounts with other people so this is still not a good way to manage things.