Should we do a live tour of the Envato office?

Very interesting!

Do it! Gonna be awesome!

Yes! Great idea! Would love to see it :wink:

So you wanna spoil the mystery, huh? :wink:

Yeah!! It would be great!!:slight_smile::rocket:

Yeah sure! Would be great!

Definately! :slight_smile:

@matthewcoxy I’m more interested to see what’s the Review Queue Dashboard Looks like. (esp. after the new changes)

Yes! I would like that.

YES, please!

What are you waiting for?! Do it :smiley:

Just do it!

Sure, We are ready for that. That tour will help us to grow more in this industry and can bring some thing bigger in the market.

Ok! We’ll do it.

Second question.

When we do the tour, should @DomHennequin do a LIVE VERSION of Envato Famous Five?

(He needs encouragement)

  • Matt

As you wish. I like this idea :slight_smile:

do it do it do it @DomHennequin :slight_smile:

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Wow this can be amazing! Of course, we want to see @DomHennequin in front of the camera :wink:

So much pressure!

We’re doing it!