Should we do a live tour of the Envato office?

We were talking about this in a meeting today and I wanted to put it out as a question to you folks :slight_smile:

I did a tour about a year ago when a few people were waiting on a webinar. @OrangeIdea took this amazing screenshot:


So what do you think? Would you log in to see a tour of Envato’s HQ?

Let us know :slight_smile:


Of course! Great idea :slight_smile:

Definitely i would!

Would love to see it :slight_smile:

it’s great idea, i want to see it


It would be great! :+1: :smiley_cat:

Of course! :relaxed:

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Yes! Great idea!

Yes! would be great!

Yes :smile:

Definitely yes :slight_smile:

I am eagerly interested to see evanto office

Yes, would like to see tour of Envato offices in Australia and USA.

For sure. That is a good idea…

Very interesting!

Do it! Gonna be awesome!

Yes! Great idea! Would love to see it :wink:

So you wanna spoil the mystery, huh? :wink: