Should items decrease in price over time?

Okay, so I want to keep suggestion idea short, sweet and to the point. I mainly talk about themeforest, but this could also apply to other marketplaces.

Firstly, as with anything code based, code changes over time, and that’s especially true for templates: AngularJS, jQuery, CSS and of course, HTML (5.1 is due for release soon). As a result, the older the code is, perhaps the ‘worse’ it gets, maybe it doesn’t work in a browser with a large marketshare, which is problematic.

My idea for this is simple: decrease the price of the item over time.

Let’s take a template for example: Pleasure admin theme. Author hasn’t updated in almost a year. Yet the item says ‘weekly updates’ and Envato describes the item as receiving ‘future updates’.

After 1 year of no updates, why is the item still priced at $23? Clearly, after a year, the item is no longer worth $23, simply because newer templates with new code are worth more, since they are likely to be designed and developed for the current generation of browsers and technology vs those which are now a year old. Also, if the author chooses not to support their product, the item should decrease in price over time, until it gets to a ‘clearance’ level and eventually be removed (if it’s broken, for example)

Over time, item gets cheaper, and we all benefit. How? I am more willing to drop $5 on a year old theme over $23 where it may not work one browser update to the next.

I imagine previous authors who’s files still work perfectly well as they are and require no updates would think that’s not really fair (in actual fact a file which stands the test of time well deserved more credit if anything).

At the same time new authors may argue that it would depreciate their sales as people opt for cheaper options - especially when a big % of buyers may not have the technical expertise to check full compatibility nor tend to check release date etc.

I appreciate codes can update and new things become avalaiable but if that does not physically effect the file then it’s not really fair to degrade them.

If you make files which don’t fully perform property more readily avalaiable then you will also increase complaints and refund requests when, irrelevant of cheaper prices, buyers find they don’t work properly.

It’s a nice idea but potential to have knock on issues.