Should I restart after locked out?

Dear Envato

I had been working in Graphicriver since 2015. I poured everything to build my carer in your market place. I was advancing with a vision. I had 110 Items. But Suddenly on 3rd November 2016 I found my account locked out. My heart was really sank down then. I spent sleepless night after night. It becomes something like addiction to work for Graphicriver. When my new Item got approved and then sold I really then felt so much excited. My days were passing fantastic. I was the happiest person then. Graphic Design is my passion may be more than that. May be I can’t explain you appropriately what graphicriver means to me.

But I was then locked out like the whole sky fallen on me. I felt so helpless. Your team mercilessly banned me. More than one week I couldn’t talk to anyone and locked up myself in a single room. My personal life was terribly disturbed then. It was so emotional break down and it’s not easy to understand. I am a highly educated person can get a good job and live my life somehow. But I want peace & happiness in my mind. I earned really a very little in comparison to my job salary. Still I was happy with that small amount and that happiness none can buy.

After all of these things I started again with a new ID and got 6 items approved. I was trying to come out of this ill situation. But again this morning my new account also locked out.

I don’t like to express my sorrow in a details again just try to fathom it, please. Also immediately I have created this account. I never ever copied other Items but still I got this punishment. But I want to move on with this account with your consent.

Could you please allow me to do it.

Would I restart my journey with this new Account? Please suggest me or I have to forget about Graphicriver forever.

Probably best to forget about it and move on. If you’re banned then you’re banned, unfortunately… opening a new account to try and get around the ban is just making it worse. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and all that.

What happened, if you don’t mind me asking? You mentioned copying… but said that you dind’t copy? It is possible to come up with similar designs independently, without knowingly copying anyone, so that could be the case here. But the closer something is to another item, especially one that just happens to be on the ame site (if that’s what happened) reduces the possibility of a genuine mistake. For them to permanently ban you, it must have been pretty close?

Not only mine but these days so many account got locked out like an epidemic form. Why So suddenly they wake up from hibernation ? If any one ask to know the reason then envato send a default email that stored in their database.All of mine designer friends went through this worst circumstances. I am not asking for sympathy may be new big opportunity waiting for me. But I must say whatever Envato done to me it’s totally unfair.

And regarding similarity or copying , I think it’s a self made issue made by Envato itself. It’s not possible for all the designers works become similarities in a larger extent all of sudden. I believe there is some other issues that Envato not Disclosing.

Anyway Thanks for your Comment.