Should I report reversal sales??

Hello, i have got few reversals during a month and they are very annoying.

Should we report them to envato? All those accounts should be banned!

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No, you should not report the sale reversal.

Why? Because according to What is a Sale Reversal Envato will:

  • Immediately disable the Envato account from which the purchase was made;
  • Remove the item from the customer’s Downloads page;
  • Invalidate the purchase code for the item.

Envato takes privacy and security seriously while adhering to industry standards and practices.

Sales Reversals are a part of running any sort of business online, but Envato are active and diligent in both monitoring and combating reversals to ensure they are minimised.

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And maybe that’s why Envato launched Guest checkout…

I don’t understand your point?
It’s not any harder to prevent fraud with or without guest checkout.

I’m afraid it will be very convenient for people who likes to make reversal after purchase -no need to re-register and so on…

But registering a new fake account takes 1 minute? :open_mouth:

Convenience as small as a 1-2 minute difference means nothing to people like that. They’re going through much more trouble to reverse the payment.

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yes that is true

Anyway it makes it easier, not harder…

Sorry, I simply just cannot comprehend how entering a username and email makes it any harder.
Someone who types fast can do that in maybe 20 seconds.

In fact, scratch the email, they already have to enter that in guest checkout. The only difference is username. And that can take 2 seconds, see: rsdjhwrkjyhrkwjyhrk

And before you say “well they have to verify email”, they do have to use a real email regardless for Envato to email the item to them.