Should I remove my library?

Hi, fellow authors!
I’ve been on Aj from 2014 and currently have a portofolio of 180 tracks here. As sales goes down day by day since Elements music arrived, I 've been thinking to remove entire library from AJ and move it on other place. Because Envato does not give everybody’s chance of being part of Elements, it looks like there was created a gap betwen Elements authors (most Elites) and the rest. And the result are: no sales for us. Why should spending time to create tracks here on Aj? Sorry, but I have not motivation for this. I’ve been worked hard to grow my portofolio here, getting almost 2000 sales count and now it looks like Envato is growing a new toy here, but only a few authors have been invited to play with it.
I wonder if it’s worth to wait some improvements here on Aj or starting a new path on other sites.



Thanks for posting your opinion.

If you want to be a Envato Element author try from here

Still have any other question open a Envato Author help ticket from

They would like to assist you.

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We don’t need the element. it is necessary to limit the portfolios of authors and expand them as sales increase.

Elements ?There had been no impact on sales.
Not better or worse…

Don’t remove your library - Elements is in it’s infancy and has and is currently being pushed hard by marketing at the moment. Sales are slow due to Seasonal change and Black Friday / Cyber Monday. As long as your portfolio is as diverse as possible then things should be okay if your items are of top quality.


This is my opinion! your are not able to say like that.
you have opportunity to join Element & it’s doesn’t effect on sells.
Sell depended on your item quality.

This time i’m considering will not.

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I had a brief listen to your tracks and they sound great and are obviously high quality. Give it some time and sales will return. Elements is super young, and Elements cannot work with to many authors involved. In the meantime you can always use ADP and give yourself a raise in your salary. Your tracks are definitely worth more, just my 2 cents!

Do you have to maintain your library? If not, why remove it? It’s a truly passive source of income. Just focus on more profitable projects for the moment. You can always come back to AJ when/if the sales return.

Thanks for your time and comments!! Sure, it’s a long discussion about Elements and time will tell us if it worth to become a member or not!! My concern about this is Envato is tending to put all their effort to Elements and Elite & succesfull authors, giving no atention to rest of us. The AJ search engine not help new tracks to much, even item quality is so high!! And why they kill our work with this 16 dollars subscription for a full download? And why they invited only a bunch of creators?
We can’t join all Elements, they pick manually ONLY from top authors, even after applying. Seriously, I think Elements is treated like a Premium class here. My oppinion!


I do not want to turn the topic into a personal complaint, are just questions that many authors are looking for answers.


Fair point of view. Then maybe removing is a reasonable idea

And what alternatives are there for Envato? good them!

Great portfolio. You might do better if you moved it to a good exclusive library that focuses on underscores for film/tv. That would probably be the only reason to delete what you have built here. If you are not going exclusive, why delete?

Good point!! But actually film/trailers genre is not my main power. I’m still reflecting about my AJ future. Thanks for your comment!:wink:

why remove? if necessary, just go non-exclusive and keep everything as-is… :slight_smile:

If your sales are dropping month after month (and your are as active as before) I don´t see any reason why you should not try going non exclusive. You can always switch back if it does not work out any better. After ADP you can easily compensate for less commission. With my current exclusive commission I would earn more selling a track non exclusive here at $29 then selling a track exclusive at $20.

The higher your price your tracks the more author friendly the non exclusive author percent at 45% gets, since its a fixed buyer fee now.

You can also make a selection of your best tracks that you think deserves more sales, pitch to more high end libraries and remove those from AJ if they are interested. Just some thoughts, good luck!

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Yes, ADP let us some commision settings, things that never been before. I diddn’t used to much until now, but definitly will help. I wonder if increasing the item price a little bit worked for somebody…or maybe customers use to buy from Aj just for the small prices…

For me increasing prices have worked very well. Some older tracks have actually increased in sales number as well after raising the price. Actually I have had much more luck in sales by raising prices than having sales discounts so far… Probably because the huge amount of tracks priced in the recommended $15-$20 area, its very hard to sustain visibility there in my experience.

Some busy customers probably search for higher priced tracks because it saves them time going through a smaller selection of tracks I believe. Every customer is different, so I think its smart to think about who you want to sell to, of course many come to AJ for the super cheap prices, but I´m pretty sure that for a lot of customers price is a very secondary concern, they just want to find the right track rather fast.

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Go non exclusive. Upload everywhere and stick with the ones that give you money. Being exclusive with AJ never worked for me.