Should I provide FULL live preview for my Item?



Hi my fellow envators,

I have been forced by CodeCanyon to add live demo url for my HTML5 item, But I was concern about my code being out for the public, so that anyone could steal it, So instead I provided only small part of my HTML5 item as a demo.

was what I did smart or not? Should I have provided FULL live preview for my item on codecanyon? Is that wrong or something? I Know about licenses and stuff but… Recently a customer asked me about why my demo is not a full demo.
I’m confused now, What should I do? Should I provide FULL live preview for my Item? or just keep it a sample demo?
Thank you


Yes definitely the full demo.

You can try minifying code etc. but it unfortunately won’t stop it being ripped if someone wants to get it. Regretfully this is just something that you have to accept with selling on just about any stock marketplace - there is annoyingly very little you can do but in the interests of your genuine sales you need to demonstrate the full product (esp as many buyers won’t read the description and base their decision on the demo alone).