Should i place everything in one plugin in developing wordpress theme?

Hello everyone. hope you all are having a good day. i just wanted to ask that i am developing a WordPress theme for themeforest and my theme will have a slider, custom post types, social media shares and shortcodes etc all of which themeforest require that i put in a plugin. so i am wondering should i make separate plugins for each one of these functionality like shortcodes in a different plugin, custom post types in a different and slider in a different plugin and so on or should i bundle them all in one plugin? i would like the one bundle plugin idea as many people don’t like to install a lot of plugins that comes builtin with a theme. but providing different plugins for each functionality also makes it easier for clients to only activate the functionality you require… i am just confused can anybody guide me Thanks

P.S also i am giving users of my theme the choice to change each and every color in it to there desire no matter how small and benign a color looks its changeable even you can change the colors of focus and hovers. so what i am asking is that’s not a bad thing in the eyes of the themeforest reviewers? right…?

Ad plugins: It is up to you. I personally put every CPT and its specific widgets into a separate plugin, so I can reuse those plugins with my other themes and people can choose which ones they want to use. Some of my themes come with around 10 plugins and I’ve never heard any complains about it.

Ad colors: that could be problem only if you implement it poorly on the code side, as with any functionality.

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Thank you, you have been a great help in this community and more specifically for me starting out here. so thanks for helping out and have a great day :slight_smile:

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