Should I give up?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been selling my items since 2 years. My featured item updated in a 5-6 months ago, everything works fine. I’ve test it over 15-20 different servers, also 90% buyers happy to use that. But last 15days getting unhappy customers to faulty reports and reviews about hosting difference issues. That makes me sad, what should I do? Im already give support also hosting-based customization too (customization is not in my support terms) But buyers no have tolarance to see background process. So, everyone love earn with their talents, but if someone goes unhappy mode then Im lose my creativity, may I blind or should I give up? Whats your opinions?


The problems are not generated by your script ? Problems are from companies hosting customers?
If the problem was in their hosting, I recommend them this link :

If he do not understand this, simply ignore them. You can not make everyone happy.

Out of topic :
“Coolest” requirement from customer on email was this :
He said he’s dyslexic and can not read the documentation, and if I can make them website. And I asked him “how you can write this email ?” :joy: Made my day !

No, its not generated from my script. As I said I was tried on major hosting companies, also some helpfull buyers too try it before release new version. But thats not good to see unhappy buyers, about my software. So, Im looking for my software like “Its my precious” I guess =)

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hi, i am not into coding, but what i can tell yo for sure , this is do never ever give up, keep up fighting, keep working hard, try to make the most of negative feedback and try to to turn your product into something even better taking into account what u’ve been told. Just do your best indeed, if so, if u go over your personal limitations thats the real deal , u’ll always meet sometimes some unhappy people , u just have to try to work hard so that u meet as less as possible

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