Should I delete non sellers?

I haven’t thought of deleting tracks once they are accepted, but if a portfolio sells better in one style is it worth deleting non sellers in other styles?

No, until your non-sellers in your portfolio, there is always a chance they would be purchased. Once deleted - no chance at all.


I have no statistics to back this up, but I think the majority of buyers just do a search for the music they want and seldom goes through a sellers portfolio. So the more tracks you have, the greater are the chances one of your tracks shows up in the search. But I know there are varied opinions on this…

I have sold tracks with zero sales more than a years after they got uploaded.


And you never know how trends might change. You might have a portfolio full of tracks made with samples of farmyard animals, which surprisingly aren’t selling… next thing you know, Justin Beaver is releasing some album of farmyard music, and the world is crying out for the stuff!


I don’t think buyers on audiojungle look for music similar to that that you hear on MTV or VH1, they have their needs and taste that is quite different from your ordinary main stream music. At first i was trying to imitate top production that is currently in trend but either it would be rejected or no one would buy. Once I dumbed down my music people started to buy more, and it is easier to make tracks that way too


Absolutely. It was just an example that the ‘next big thing’ could suddenly change… and certain styles, arrangements, instruments etc, are suddenly in demand. Today’s electric xylophone synth, could be tomorrow’s ukulele.

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Thanks everyone for the replies…

Well, based on your comments, I will certainly not delete anything :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the same topic a month ago,
please search the forums before you post something, there’s a good chance that the answer to your question is already there. :slight_smile:

I had a large broadcast licence sale on a non-seller and very old track!

Yup my biggest seller was a track I was about to delete because I thought it was one of my weakest.

Don’t delete.

I thought you said it would be farmyard tomorrow ?!?! :slight_smile:

I actually made a track purely from farmyard animal samples back in the 90s, with a Yamaha SU-10. I think I called it ‘Pharmyard Funk’… they’re all on a MiniDisc somewhere. What can I say, I was a visionary! :grinning:

i would recommend to get rid of non sellers and i can recommend create a website where you can release them as freebies to promote your other selling items.

if non-seller is track with poor quality (that’s why it’s non seller), delete it. make your portfolio clean.

I clean my portfolio sometimes )

If track with low quality I think it’s better to delete it. If track is good check tags, description and tittle. Maybe they are not describe your item correctly :slight_smile:

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If it doesn’t sell it’s probably because:

  1. it’s not good
  2. it’s interesting only to a narrow group of buyers

I always delete items if I suspect it’s the case nr 1. Even if the item has a few sales, for example 2. Although bad items can bring some sales now and then, they might also be pushing buyers away from your portfolio.

I’m such a shame it would be to delete their tracks. We do not buy today - will buy tomorrow. And if tomorrow will not buy, you can be when something then buy. It is better not to remove.

indeed this is much of a debate as regard to what to do with items that are not seeing this much … the thing is that a lot of items are failing to sell out of being found by search engines or out of failing to promote them properly , this is why i am not sure that deleting is that very good. In addition, u can never know what is going to work well and when and this is another thing to take in account … . Finally , the more items u have , the more likely u seem to be easily found and sell in a way , so considering keeping is legitimate indeed. On the other hand , if u feel like the concerned items are kind of weaker then this maybe a smart move to try to take them away from your portfolio and make sure that all is impressive.

In short , i think that this is hard to answer your question, it depends much on situations, people and items indeed. One last thing that u must be aware of , this is that once u take out an item u are neither supposed to try to upload it again , not are u completely sure that it will be approved again in the future (there are so many strange things as regard to reviewing going on that this is daring)