Should I create next account?

As we know the many of us have a few accounts. that allow upload more music but thereby queue is lengthening each day. For now I haven’t the second account but I begin thinking about it.
What you think guys?

As you may be aware that the review queue is getting longer due to many authors who are “cheating the system” and trying to get around the 5 item upload limit. This has created an undesirable effect on the AJ community and now the reviewers have been deluged by this behaviour. Please do not create a new account to circumvent the number of items to upload as this restriction was put in place for good reason.


You are asking a wrong question in the wrong place.

I guess the big question is, why would you want a second account?
If it were purely for circumventing the “5 items upload limit” i would say no :wink:

It would be right to work more presicely on your projects.In that way 5 tracks in review queue would be enough.
If you want 10 then you should work hard to get elite badge :slight_smile:

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If you have a valid reason for creating a new account, then by all means. But creating one to circumvent the upload limits wouldn’t be classed as a valid reason! Plus, it will take you twice as long to get to higher commission rates, if your portfolio is split between two accounts. Not really worth it for the sake of having something go live a week earlier, or whatever it would be.