should I buy a product that the seller is not answering to my presale questions?

HI everyone!
I am very interested in buying a specific product, but I have some questions. And I contacted the seller almost a week ago but no answer … I am almost sure the product fits my needs, but it would have been better to have his confirmation because the product description is not complete, in my opinion.
My problem is if I buy the product, will the seller give me support if I need it once I am a user of his product?

Thank you

It’s really an unexpected things.
I don’t know which channel you used to contact the author. Please post a comment in the Comments page of the item and see the author response/activity.

Answers to some questions and support from author you can expect only on Market, if you interested item from Elements don’t expect this no matter how attractive it is “Unlimited download”, they are two different platforms.