Should Envato raise minimum prices in categories?


I would like to start a discussion about the pricing of our products.

I think all of us can well see what is happening in the world. We have a raging virus that has badly messed up the world economy. Rising prices of raw materials, food, freight, energy, water, etc. inflation is starting to pour in from all sides even in developed countries.

I create mockups of vehicles, I know how much time it takes, I know how complicated it is and how many tools you need to use. I try to constantly improve the quality of my products, offer better and better mockups. I also watch my competition and I noticed that when I raise my prices others lower them!

You people are selling a great piece of work for nothing! I emphasize the word “great work” at a really high level! Why?!

This applies to all categories as well as other markets not only in the Envato group.

We should be raising prices, not slashing them by going almost to 0 in the battle for customers. Remember that “All Money Is Fiat Money”. Inflation will always be more or less. If we keep prices at the same level or lowering them down, we will earn less and less in time. We will kill the market with this in a few years. This is how today’s economy works and we can’t do anything about that.

That’s why I think Envato should raise minimum and recommended prices as appropriate for each category. The prices today are so low, that for customer spending $5 more for a product is really not a big deal, especially since these are really great products. This would increase the earnings of the creators, who are probably not fully aware of their value and really deserve more.

A competitive marketplace is significantly raising minimum prices in categories starting September 1.

I think this is a good opportunity to discuss how to heal our market and stop the downward spiral. We all want to earn more and raising prices globally would be best.

What do you guys think? Should Envato raise minimum prices in categories, for example from 1$ to 4$? Maybe they needs such a signal from us?

I apologize for my not very good English


Man, you’ve got some really fantastic car mockups! It seems to me that you should upload a few to Envato Elements, it may very well turn out that there the profitability for this type of product will be higher.

Regarding price regulation, these are always very difficult questions. And the ability for the author to set the price on his own, even dumping it, does not look so bad. In the end, this is the decision of each individual author.

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Dumping in itself is bad. If someone does something for $12 and someone else does it for $6 then a third person comes along and does the same thing for $3 then who loses? In my opinion it is everyone, but the last one most, because he will have to sell 4 times as many products to earn as much as the first one for selling one product for the same work. And now the most important question. What value will $3 have in 5 or 10 years?

This is most evident in the marketplace for the letter Et… where fonts are stolen or can be purchased for 40 cents. Creating any font is worth more than these 40 cents. Is it healthy for the community?

I agree with you about this but things will not change for the better until Envato to decide improve situation on Market (if that ever happens)… there are a lot of “authors” which uploads identical items with minimal changes, low quality and lower price but Envato allows it.
No more control as before, that same “author” invested effort and time in project he certainly wouldn’t sell it for a $3, unfortunately someone like you can’t do anything about it.

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The market is much more complex, buyers are not looking only at the price. They look primarily at the value your product brings.
A simple example. Windows operating system costs from $ 100 apiece. And plus an Office for another hundred bucks. Ubuntu and the open office cost nothing. And who is winning?

Create quality items, set an adequate price, and customers will come. And to artificially keep or underestimate the cost - perhaps temporarily it will give its result, but in the context of long-term work - no.