Should Envato/author interactions be more transparent?

Does $25 for a video clip I shot in 5 minutes while on vacation vs. $19 for a motion graphics project I spent a month or so developing seem kinda imbalanced to anyone else?


I sent in a ticket they replied along the lines of “It’s because other 4k shots are priced similarly”.

So… all 4k clips are worth $25 regardless of content?

I seriously doubt I’m going to get any sales and am considering deleting the item. I’m pretty confident if it was priced more reasonably it would sell and we BOTH could make somemoney. A single quick video clip is worth more than 30+ custom graphics elements? I don’t understand their logic.

I love selling here but there has got to be better communication between the authors and Envato and more consistency with the item reviews/pricing. I feel like I don’t have enough control over my own work and it’s getting frustrating.


Yeah, there’s hardly much variation in items when it comes to quality and complexity. The only main drivers when it comes to price for stock footage and motion graphics… are the duration, number of clips and resolution.

Keep in mind you can always upload a 1080p version of your beach, and see if that gets any sales.