Should a preview icon lead to the theme itself?

I stuck with a theme where i believe i been miss-led by its representation. screenshot show a really great design, and the preview icon lead to a wow website (in design and features). After buying the theme, i found out none of the screenshot and the preview icon led page can be reached by the theme i have bought. The theme customer support refused my refund request stating two points:

  • That i have to go to demo icon (after the preview icon) and see how it will look like)
  • The theme is functioning

I feel i been in a trap, and want to get other opinions here.


Heya @krayyem, this is a matter best resolved with Envato Market Help and Support. If indeed the preview is not linking correctly and you were mislead into purchasing something that was falsely presented, you are entitled to a refund and the author has some explaining to do, as this behavior is strictly prohibited and against Envato’s Author Terms of Service.

However, this is best resolved with Envato Support which can investigate the matter thoroughly for you.
Use this link → Envato Market Help and Support to open a ticket and they’ll be with you in the shortest possible time.

Cheers! :blush:

Please note that NO theme looks like the demo after the installation. You need to at least import the demo content and most likely also set up some additional settings to make it look right.

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I totally agree, and i been buying themes since 2013. To be more specific, the theme support told me clearly that the landing page for the preview icon is just a splash where i should go and click on demos icon to reach the theme. This could make since, but my point is about some functions and structures that been meant on the screenshot and the preview icon landing page that is not reachable by that theme.