Should a piano piece that's not strictly Classical go to Classical->Piano?

Hello. I have a relatively short solo piano piece I wrote a couple of days ago. It started with the intent of sounding pretty light and “pop”, and I already submitted that first version yesterday, but I decided I should revise it a bit and ended up having it sound more classically-influenced after modifying some of the harmonies and adding more polyphony.

My point is, should a piano recording that’s not of an actual Classical composition and doesn’t necessarily sound completely Classical (even though that can cover a wide range of sounds) be submitted to the Classical Piano category or elsewhere?

I’m not sure mine would really fit the Pop category as it is (and perhaps even in its earlier version, as I can see most stuff there is actual 2010s electronic pop).

Ask reviewer to advice the category of upload in comment while submitting.

I guess that’s an option. Do they sometimes approve a submission but decide to put it under a different category than cited by the author?

Yes they do.