Shortcodes and HTML Templates


Do shortcodes work with HTML Templates or just Wordpress sites? I’ve seen shortcodes listed on some of the HTML Templates but I thought this was a WordPress feature.

I’d be really grateful if someone could clarify this for me.



Technically, there is nothing that prevents a HTML template developer to built a routine that converts (text) strings that follow a certain structure into something else, but when one is talking about shortcodes, it usually refers to WordPress.

But in the end, a shortcode is just a reference to another pre-defined (PHP) function, which will then create the actual output, and as such, it isn’t necessarily exclusive to WordPress, but most people will associate it with WordPress.

Ok, thanks Tekanewa.

Since I’m not a programmer it sounds like they wouldn’t be of much use to me, correct? I learned to code my html pages from scratch long ago, but my javascript and php programming has been pretty limited, and that was several years ago as well.

Thanks again. I appreciate it,