ShopyGirl wordpress theme for approvel

Hello Guys,
My name is Arooj and i have created my first WordPress theme. So i want to take your opinion about this theme.
Please check my theme by clicking this Link below and kindly give your reviews :smile:

Thank you

This has a nice concept, keep up the goodwork!

Vast improvement on where it was but still not ready.

  • Validation issues across different pages

  • Typography still is not great

  • various images still stretched

  • hierarchy is still questionable

  • shop and product page needs a rethink

Thank you very much for the feedback.
But can you please elaborate little more about Validation and Hierarchy?

The validation - I just picked a few pages like about and some others whci hare showing a shaving avoidable validation issues

Hierarchy: the site just feels very disconnected. It feelsl ike a tonof different elements and layouts which are all ok but that don;t feel like they belong tofgether.

For example - the homepage is this big product promo slider but then you donโ€™t actually really have a shop page (that one it links to is not a proper page) and the product pages themselves are really not great.

You need to decide what the site is about i.e. is it a shop? If so you need to make a bigger deal of this.
Is it a generic type site? If so think about the content you have on each page and if it fits/serves a purpose.
Is it multi purpose site? If so you need way more demos and features to make this obvious and show itโ€™s versatility.

Right now it feels a bit incomplete and undecided what it is meant to be

Thank you very much for your kind consideration.
I have decided to make this theme as a single product theme so have made necessary changes according to it .
Kindly please check it again