🦄 Shoppable Instagram Widget - Great added value widget for your themes

Hi all,

Currently, I saw a trending where theme developers started to add Shoppable Instagram Widget as their added value. I think this is great features for eCommerce themes to have this in their demos.

Basically, it doesn’t require any complex integration. You just need to connect Instagram to the platform, grab the widget, place on your demo page and you can simply claim your theme is ‘Shoppable Instagram Widget’ ready.

Long story short, one of my friends is running this kind of startup called Tinytag.

It’s a tool to make your Instagram photos taggable/shoppable and it comes with widget and Shopify integration ready to speed up product tagging.

They have scaping process running in the background so it will scrap meta info from any page as long as meta og properly installed. So it working great on any kind of platform.

Check out the widget demo here:

It’s not limited to e-commerce only. This widget works on themes for professionals, influencers, services, agency, affiliate marketers, blogger/writers, agents (property etc) and more

If you have any idea, opinion, suggestion just let me know. I’ll forward it to him

Thanks, have a nice day and good luck with sales!