Shopkeeper Theme - Loading Slowly

I’m using shopkeeper and been doing some online tests and it’s taken the website more than 6sec to load. I’ve spoken to the hosting company (123reg in UK) and they say there is nothing wrong at their end, which I can confirm as I have another website hosted there and is loading fast. Different theme, though.
I’ve been trying to google for solution and not find any proper answer. I’m using the WP Super Cache as suggested.
I know there can be several reasons for it i.e. pics to large, wrong plugins but how can i find out if it is the pictures? I’ve not change the picture size settings under customize.
Any help greatly appreciated.
The website in question is

Hello @ahjonsson,

There are a couple of websites which show you exactly why the page is loading slowly.

The most known are:

All the best!

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Thanks. I’ll try those out.

As I thought, some of the pics need to be optimised. Should I use a plugin for it or how do I know how much to reduce them in size?

The easiest way is to use a plugin. There are a couple of free ones on WordPress repository, but I’d reccommend some professional ones, you can take a look at this search results from codecanyon (I cannot recommend any one in particular, you’ll definitely find one that suits your website best):

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