Shopify Themes

Hello, before I say something I want to clarify that I am using Google translator to write these lines, my English is not good mmuy.

I wanted to refer to the Shopify Themes sold here.
Some time ago esoy I am looking for the perfect theme that fits my necesidaes. Unfortunately eh still not able to find and in my search I could obserbar that in general the styles are very similar.

The features I’m looking for are:

· Design screen width
· Stick product description and visualization
· Stock biggest products
· And most importantante one more suabe as the theme I utlizo ( design the best example I found is

You may envato requirements, make the themes that are for Windows that, be as they are. I think there are very talented people working on these themes, but I think apundado to a cleaner design and suabe, it would be possible to achieve better experienza themes and more pleasing to the eye.

This is all I wanted to say, I think there sufcient talented, maybe this equibocado, it’s just a point of view and I would like to know that piesan others.

Greetings to all.

You can try this theme it have more feature can meet your requires

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