Shopify theme with sub categories needed.

Hi -I am looking to move from Magento to Shopify but I need a theme that can support a lot of sub-categories from a drop-down on the top of the home page.

Basically, I want the same navigation that I have - our site is

If anyone out there can I recommend a theme I could demo that would be great?

You can use any theme… You don’t have lots of categories. And that you have you can still use any template for Shopify or Wordpress or any other CMS. But my advice is to look some user friendly CMS for migration from one to other CMS.
I have made migration and trust me it is not just copy paste.

Thanks Zaccc - what do you mean by CMS? Is there a company you can help out with.

Magento is CMS (Content management system) , Shopify is CMS , Wordpress , Joomla etc all that is CMS.
I Have made migration for client. My advice is that you migrate to test server and when you check that you have all and that is working . And when is all good than migrate to live domain.

Thank you - still looking for good themes as when i see them they don’t have it set u and I know this could be a big job in itself.

I have notice that you have and test sub 1 - 7 and you can delete it before migration. If you don’t have experience with migration my advice is to hire someone . That will save your time and money.