Shopify Submission Requirements?

Hi guys,

I would like to sell shopify themes on Themeforest but I can not find any info about submission requirements. Any help is welcome.


Hi @ThemeLaboratory,

I believe that submission requirements are no different from the one provided by Shopify:
Google - shopify theme requirements

Since ThemeForest has their own set of rules as well, don’t forget about files/directories structure, help guide and all necessary screenshots:


Luca thanks for the quick reply.

I read submission requirements on Shopify store and I’m a bit confused.

They require product brief with author’s previous work (portfolio). I am already selling on Themeforest. Is this step prerequisite? (I am selling WP themes and HMTL templates)

After the product brief an author should provide mockups for mobile and desktop versions of a product(website). If mockups approved author can start working on PSD files…

This workflow is much different than workflow for WP theme submission. I would really appreciate if any of Shopify authors can confirm this workflow.

Thanks in advance.


The portfolio and mockups parts are most likely necessary to be approved as a Shopify official seller. Once you’re on TF, there’s no need for that to sell themes here.

PSD is up to you though, some sellers provide them with their themes, but it’s not mandatory to have one.

In my previous response I was referring to this particular article (sorry for the link). I’m not sure if TF review process is that strict, but they accept WordPress themes only when they follow official WP guidelines, so: