Shopify or Wordpress Theme recommendation that resembles PALACE web shop

Hey guys,

I am looking for a similiar shopify theme or web shop that resembes Palace Skateboards web shop.

See the shop here:

I really love the minimal gallery of products and category filters on the left, unlimited load etc.

It’s a kick ass design and am wanting to use the same for for my own curated gallery of products. If it’s not a theme someone should totally make it, I think it’d be a winner. :smiley:

Any point in the right direction would be helpful!

Thanks in advance


You understood when you change CMS than you need to build all from scratch? You cant just switch from Shopify to WP.
What I see from this design is that you don’t have any filter for prices or something else. You cant see any price you need to look all items that I can see price. After 3 items I have close page.
Images are too small , this si clothes you need to put bigger images that I can see without magnifier .
You will have more sales if you put this changes , I am sure .

It’s too “simple” and minimalistic. Something like this would never be accepted by Envato reviewers. It’s an instant “hard reject”.