Shocked by the lack of information after a review and to forum questions about it

I honestly could not believe that Enevato offers so little back information to its aspiring authors after submissions.

Rejection letter template (yes, that same one sent to all, with don’t re-upload sentence) is simply shocking. No additional information, no explanation.

Worse yet, you follow the link in that message and end up on the forum where people ask “why is my _______ rejected?”, and get to read comments OTHER people made on their work quality. Not staff.

Perhaps you have mistaken yourself for a creative genius, or you have just misaligned text on a business cards. Fact is - you don’t really know. Do they want me to guess the problem, maybe change it a little so they wouldn’t notice the similarities and try again? Start from scratch and hope for the best?

A sobering experience that teaches you that looks can be deceiving. This company really looked professional.

What you said is all basically true, reviewers indeed don’t give feedback on rejected items (they don’t have time - it’s the same on all stock library sites I’ve used) and yes they do suggest asking for advice on the forums. But I don’t know why any of this makes them unprofessional. I find this site to be no better or worse run than any major stock library site, although I’ve always found the sense of community here to be the best.


Community looks great, but that’s not really an issue.
I kinda feel that at least one short descriptive sentence should be included in review after 1-4 days of waiting.

Thanks for giving me insight in stock library site funcioning - I guess I might be overreacting after my very first failed submission.

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Unfortunately people already think the queue is too long and adding even one liners would extend it considerably.

There’s tens if not hundreds of thousands of submissions every month which makes his pretty unfeasible.

Over 70% are rejected and in a big % of cases they can be a long long way off the standard making feedback inevitably lengthy and often futile as (with respect to everyone who submits files) the authors simply may not have the expertise to understand and action any feedback they are given.

I get it’s frustrating and you can always share a demo here for more feedback, but its’ not that envato don’t want to help it is simply a case of realistically managing expectations.

Plus for what it’s worth they do provide feedback when items are deemed closer to the standard

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Thanks for clearing it up for me.
Though “Some feedback if submission is closer to standard” might just make me feel slightly worse :wink:

Ha ha it’s more of guidelines as to wha needs to be done for approval.

By “getting close” the reviewer can be comfortable that you have the idea and skills for approval hence they will be more
Confident that you will be able to interpret feedback successfully and justify them spending time to help

No problem. For sure, in an ideal world reviewers would be able to give feedback for every rejected item, or at least the ones that are reasonably close to good enough and just need some further work. But like others have said the amount of work being uploaded every day makes it impossible. But you’re welcome to post your designs here on the forum and I’ll do my best to give feedback.

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I think you just have to stay positive,keep working,keeping getting better , and perfecting your craft. Compare you work to something that you see has been accepted on the market already, see what you can do better. I’ve had an item rejected, but that;s fine. Keep going and be the best you can be. The reviewers work hard to review items and keep a quality standard on here. I find the forum to be full of helpful people willing to point you and your designs in the right directions. Good Luck with the next one. :slight_smile: rooting for you.


Why not? Envano gives back information. This is called a “soft refusal.” Do you really think that Envato is supposed to answer thousands of authors whose works are not of high quality? They do not owe anything to anyone. After all, it was you who came to the Envato, and not the Envato called you.
Make great items and everything will be ok :wink: Good luck!